Park Conditions at Greenfield Caravan Park

  1. Caravans can only be used between the opening and closing dates as displayed in the office.
  2. Caravan owners must not permit more people to sleep in their caravans than there are sleeping berths.
  3. THE LETTING OF CARAVANS: If you let your caravan you must supply the hirer with the keys, unless we are supplied with spare keys. (The keys that we keep for your caravan are only for use in emergencies). Extra barrier cards are available at a charge of £10.00 deposit, refundable on return.
  4. FOR EMERGENCIES: All caravan owners must supply the office with the names of people staying in their caravan if they have a different surname to the owner.
  5. Cars may be parked near to the door side of your caravan, but must be parked on the car park when signs are displayed to keep cars off the grass, will you please move your car when grass cutting is in operation.
  6. SPEED LIMIT: The speed limit on Greenfield Caravan Park is 10 MPH, this must be adhered to at all times.
  7. Dogs are allowed on the park but must be kept on a lead at all times and all fouling must be cleaned up by the owner.
  8. ELECTRICITY: The maximum load per caravan is 16 amps, overloading will cut off your supply.
  9. CALOR GAS: Delivery of calor gas is only available during shop opening hours.
  10. Caravan steps & boxes must not protrude more than 36” from any caravan.
  11. As all services are underground, we do not allow you to use stakes or pickets without our permission.
  12. GAMES: Ball games etc. that could cause damage to caravans are prohibited on Greenfield Caravan Park.
  13. Anyone causing serious damage to Greenfield Caravan Park property or assaulting a member of staff or guest will have enforcement action taken and may have their contract terminated.
  14. RADIOS, TELEVISIONS ETC: Please be considerate to other holidaymakers.
  15. No Holiday Homes to be sold privately without consulting the Park Owners.
  16. All caravans must be insured, we are agents for Jardine Lloyd Thompson Leisure Insurance Company.
  17. GENERAL TIDINESS: It is the caravan owners responsibility to keep the underneath and edges around their caravan tidy. Garden rubbish (not concrete) can be deposited in the “BIFFA” waste bin, situated in the compound at the park entrance. We will try to keep Greenfield caravan park clean and tidy, we ask for your co-operation at all times.
  18. FOOD: Food e.g. Bread must not be thrown onto the ground outside of your caravan as this attracts birds and vermin.